Teen Acne Face and Back Treatments


Teen Acne Customized Treatment

Just like all of our Customized Chemical Peels, our Teen Acne treatment is totally customized to treat the type and severity of your acne (whether it be a severe breakout or those little bumps on your forehead).  We start the visit with a complete skin analysis including what you are using at home on your skin, as well as your day to day activities that may effect your skin (sports, wearing a hat, your eating habits, etc).

Then the skin is cleansed and analyzed, followed by extractions of blackheads and relief of active pustules (whiteheads).  A toner is applied to cleans bacteria, then a light chemical peel is applied, ending with a light moisturizer.  We suggest at least 3 treatments scheduled 4 weeks apart.

NOTE:  You will not wash your face for 10 hours, as well as during those 10 hours you should not do any activity that will cause sweat on your face.  You may experience mild peeling of the skin for a few days starting on day 3. - $65

Teen/Adult Acne Back Treatment

Pretty much the same treatment as the face, only its your back !! - $125