Promotions & Ongoing Perks



Receive a complimentary Exfoliating Bath Cloth (11" X 40" made of nylon for use with your favorite shower gel or soap in the shower) with the purchase of:  

  • Body Chemical Peel of the Arms
  • Body Chemical Peel of the Back
  • Body Chemical Peel of the Chest and Shoulders
  • Body Chemical Peel of the Legs


 The Frequent Treatment Program:  This means you will enjoy 20% off of any of our regularly priced skin treatments when given 8 weeks or less of each other. The secret to radiant skin is simply more frequent treatments at seriouSkin! We have found that our happiest clients are those that have a treatment done every 6-8 weeks. Their skin glows! Removal of excess dead skin is vital for the health and cell turnover of your skin. This keeps breakouts under control, fine lines and wrinkles minimized, and hyperpigmentation reversed. The longer you wait in between visits, the longer it takes to reverse those concerns that you see in the mirror.

Referral Rewards: The nicest compliment you can give, is a referral of a friend or family member to seriouSkin. Your friend or family member will receive 20% off of their first treatment, and you will receive a percentage off your next treatment for a thank you.